Slowly (very, slowly) winter is finally leaving NYC. Although I associate 'Spring' with dresses, camis and denim cut-offs, apparently 'Spring' in NYC just means you can start wearing a slightly lighter coat than a down-parka, if you're lucky. Hence although it's Spring I'm still bundled up, and afraid to leave the house without wearing at least 4 layers. I think it's going to be incredibly embarrassing when my body is finally exposed to sunlight (hopefully on some exotic beach in Croatia) and I'm going to end up glowing like some kind of terrifying beacon given how pale my skin has become over the last 3 winter months. 

Thankfully my cold-weather blues were cleared by my family flying to NYC to visit me over the last week. It was very funny to be considered the 'local' in a city I still feel I'm only just starting to figure out! It also meant I had instant access to a second wardrobe via my mum's suitcase, and hence this beyond amazing baby-pink Burberry scarf which I managed to 'borrow' (not quite with consent) for the rest of the week. 

Here's to hoping, somewhat fruitlessly, that NYC finally gets some real Spring action for my last 15 days in the USA!

Wearing: Marcs Coat, Burberry Scarf (from My Net Sale, because who would spend $400 on a scarf?), Zara Boots, Arabella Ramsay Skort, Wolford tights. 

Photos by Lewis. 


  1. gorgeous scarf!


  2. I love the colour of your coat! It certainly doesn't look like Spring but then again it hasn't looked like Autumn here until this weekend.

    Laura | Breton & Blush

  3. Those are beautiful photos Greta! Great post! Hope you can follow me back :)

  4. Thanks Laura! I bought it over 3 years ago from Marcs and still haven't found a coat I've liked more - it definitely isn't spring by Australia standards! Hope everything's going well at home,

    love, Greta.

  5. So cute! Love the color combo. I nominated you for the Liebster Award:) If you choose to participate - details are on my page. XO