Favourites No. 2

A few current favourites. 
A Lover leather tee, purchased at their Sydney warehouse sale by my beyond-amazing Mum, who then bought it over when my family came to visit last week. I've been dreaming of a leather tee for a few seasons now, and can't get enough of the raised pattern on this version. The Travel by Land candle is 100% natural, and hand poured in NYC. No. 22 is citrus-based and instantly reminds me of Summer - it's also been brightening my incessant essay writing as I reach my last week of University in the States. The Josie Maran Nail Wipes is the best acetone-free nail polish remover I've ever come across, and the Sin-Min is a current favourite lip balm I mentioned a little while back in this post

On another note, my count-down to Europe has officially begun, only 10 days left! 


  1. that is a gorgeous leather tee. leather in colours other than black is so chic!

  2. I'm so excited for your countdown! I am going to Portugal in 15 days too! Love all of your favourites

    xoxo, S

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  3. I love reading about favorites!:D This is a nice one:)

    ♥ Charms | http://myinfinitefashionconfession.blogspot.hk

  4. OH MY GOD that tee....so jealous!!!!! Your mum is so great.

    The packaging for the candle and the lip balm is so intriguing, I haven't seen anything like it before.
    & europe, man you are defs making me jealous jealous jealous.
    Make sure you take heaps of pics girl.

    x Stace
    tee&fame blog

  5. love the top!(:
    (your mom's a heart.)
    yay for Europe btw! where will you be staying?

    F. xx