I still can't quite pick the 'category' of this skirt - in my eyes it has a slight 90s punk vibe about it, however I'm sure most 90s punks wouldn't agree with me on the pink colour choice. Regardless of it's questionable schoolgirl / punk / 90s mix, it is still one of my favourite vintage items. It was discovered by my mum at the Surry Hills markets in Sydney and, according to it's prior owner, used to be floor length, until she lopped it off to its now mini proportions. 

It also perfectly matched the cherry blossom trees Ben and I passed while exploring the streets of Kitsilano, Vancouver - which excited me to no end. My spring break has been spent with him over in sunny Vancouver, and it's passed all too quickly. I'm now facing only two days left until I return to the somewhat gloomy and (always) cold New Jersey, and the reality of student life again. 

Could my Summer adventures in Europe please get a move on? 

Wearing: Vintage skirt, See U Soon sweater, Zara boots (which then promptly broke 1.5 hours after taking these photos. Cheers, Zara) 


  1. Beautiful cherry blossoms! Your elegant look goes well with it!

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