K is for Kani Floral Headpiece, Vintage Japanese dress, Muji gumboots 

I'm not going to lie, I was a little worse for wear whilst taking these photos. Hence the no-makeup, and slightly dazed, half-asleep look on my face. Over the weekend, Ben and I headed South of Sydney to a friends 21st birthday party held at his farm, which was themed 'woodstock'. We were on our way home the next morning when we passed this abandoned flower stall on the side of the road. I scrambled out of the car, hastily got back into last nights clothes and we took some quick photos of my outfit, despite many amused looks from passing cars (and a tractor at one stage). 

The night was filled with endless amounts of flower headbands, crochet, tie dye and general 60s vibes. The dress is a japanese vintage, and a gorgeous heavy crochet. Although there are obvious issues as to what to wear underneath (I've been constantly on the hunt to find an appropriate pale-pink slip, however I am yet to find one) it has quickly became on high rotation in my wardrobe since its purchase. Thankfully it also perfectly suited the 'woodstock' theme. However, I did end up looking a little silly later in the night, when the combination of dropping temperatures and a barely-there dress resulted in me borrowing Ben's oversized Superdry hoodie - 60s flower child meet 90s hiphop wear? I don't think its a look I'll be re-creating anytime soon! 

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  1. amazing!

    Lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
    casper&pearl blog xo

  2. Great, looove the dress


  3. You look so pretty in your pink dress :) xo akiko
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  4. This look is very pretty!

    x Karen