Natural Summer Skincare

The fast approaching Sydney Summer has lead to a rather large overhaul of my skincare regime. My skincare and beauty regime focuses on using all natural products, as I find my skin is much clearer and even-tonedwhen I avoid chemicals. I also try to keep makeup to a minimum, saving it for special occasions or night-time outings. Here's a quick run-through of my favourite products: 

Lovingearth Coconut Butter (Oil): The uses of coconut oil are seemingly never-ending. Personally, I prefer to use mine as a hair mask, moisturiser and cleanser. For my hair, I simply melt some oil between my palms, run it through my hair, and leave it tied up in a bun for a few hours. I use it as a moisturiser on my legs  - it does leave you feeling 'oily' through, so I tend to save it for emergencies when my skin is feeling particularly dry. To use as a face cleanser, wet your face and rub in a little coconut oil. Dampen a washcloth with warm water, and leave it over your face for 30 seconds, before gently using the facecloth to remove the oil - I find my skin instantly looks clearer after I cleanse with coconut oil. 

MooGoo Anti-Aging SPF 15 Face Cream: I am completely addicted to any products MooGoo make. They are a relatively small Australian company who only use natural ingredients and I rely on them for almost all my skincare needs (I plan on doing a longer post dedicated to MooGoo later this week). During Summer I upgrade from my normal face moisturiser, to this version with SPF, as I'm often out in the midday sun. 

MooGoo Tail Swat Body Spray (Insect Repellant): As any Australian knows, mosquitos are the worst part about Summer. Unfortunately, I always end up covered in bites, so I rely on this insect repellant to keep them at bay. It also smells much nicer than any other repellant I've found. Plus, no nasty chemicals!

Eco Tan Invisible Tan: Definitely one of the best natural fake tans I've come across, this will give me a nice honey glow in 8 hours time. If I've been completely disorganised and need a quick solution, this tan by MooGoo (I really am obsessed) will give a nice, light amount of colour in under a half-hour. 

MooGoo Edible Strawberry Tinted Lip Balm: A nice tasting lip balm, which has the perfected red tint to it. It's also completely natural, which is incredibly important considering you always end up eating whatever you put on your lips. 

Jose Maran Argan Oil: I picked up this travel sized bottle from Sephora, and it's perfect to use on the ends of my hair when they're looking a little dry. I like Jose Maran because they have 100% pure argan oil - many other hair-oil companies (such as moroccan oil) add silicone to their products. Silicone isn't harmful as such, but it's relatively inexpensive for manufactures, which seems a little unfair when you consider the often expensive price of hair-oils.

House of Harlow 'Chantal' Sunglasses: Nothing prevents eye wrinkles better than sunglasses! This pair have been my constant companion for the last two Summers. 

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  1. LOVE your sunnies!!
    i definitely need to try these products out for the upcoming summer

  2. Oh I know what you mean, when I was in Sydney last Summer my skin got so dry and weird. I had to use heaps of coconut oil to keep it hydrated.
    Great blog :) x


  3. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! (:

  4. I love coconut oil and think it's great that you included it in this post!
    It's funny because it's actually almost winter where I'm located (near New York) and I'm still using coconut oil to keep my skin moisturized in the colder months :)