Say hello to this year's summer uniform. 

Discovered deep in the depths of my Mother's wardrobe, this Muji shirt dresses and I have fallen madly in love over the past week. As much as I hate the idea of a 'uniform' style of dressing (in the sense of wearing a similar outfit each and every day) it is alarmingly appealing as Sydney begins to warm up. Particularly as rising temperatures inevitably means rising sunscreen use. I can barely survive 15 minutes in the midday sun without turning pink, so a dress that keeps me both cool and somewhat covered is very welcomed. I'm honestly relishing in the amount of sunscreen foregone in place of shirted shoulder protection. Needless to say, this dress has barely left my back over the past 7 days, accompanying me through both exams and resulting celebratory trips to the beach. Thankfully, there's also a white version of said dress (discovered a few days later), which may just save this summer from turning into one never-ending wardrobe repeat.   

Plus, it just looks so effortlessly casual - why would you want to wear anything else when it's 40 degrees out?

Wearing: Muji shirt dress (similar herehere, and here), vintage belt (similar). 



I can honestly say I've never owned a pair of light-blue jeans in my life. Save for that one pair of acid-wash stretch flares I sported in year 9, but let's just forget that ever happened.*

My lack of light-blue jeans is due more to my fussiness over finding the perfect shade of blue, rather than any particular dislike of light-coloured denim. As such,  I was very happy to welcome this pair by Dricoper into my life. Their lightly striped, faded-blue composition combines perfectly with a crisp white cotton shirt (stolen from Ben's closet, naturally), and are also undeniably more spring appropriate than my usual horde of dark-indigo denim. I'm rather impressed with Dricoper's ability to execute the perfect amount of distress and fading upon their jeans, whilst creating utterly wearable pieces that don't make me feel like I belong in some 90s girl band. Dricoper's particular attention to  ensuring their products are produced in factories that meet the humane and ethical working condition requirements of 'WRAP' and 'SA8000' certification makes me rather proud that they're home-grown and based in Sydney. Definitely a brand ideology I can get behind.

You can read more on Dricoper's production here

Wearing: Dricoper Denim Maria Chinos (similar - I would recommend ordering a size up, as they are a thicker cotton with little stretch), Uniqulo Men's Shirt, Vintage Heels (similar). 

*However, flares are increasingly upon my radar at the moment, although I'm yet unconvinced that they look any good unless you are 5"10.  



These shorts are the kind that, even after 3 years, still make other females whip their heads around in rather a dramatic fashion and declare 'I just love your shorts'. 

Honestly, it has happened, multiple times. It's usually during night-time hours however, so perhaps such declarations of love were somewhat alcoholically fuelled. But I think they still stand. In regard to longevity, these shorts are one of my greatest purchases to date. I've rarely seen a filigree pattern so perfectly executed as on this Shakuhachi pair, which I consider a hard task, considering filigree's often negative connotations. Think too-small throw cushions, peeling wallpaper and general 'stuffiness'. Their tailored shape contrasts perfectly with the softness of a new silk Uniqlo shirt - think textures, darling - and a somewhat clashing lipstick colour. Bite Beauty's 'tropical coral' shade seems the perfect antidote to a monochrome overload, plus, it is a nice way to remind oneself that we are actually coming up to summer (as the blooming spring wall behind me hints), and perhaps it's time to step away from the all-black getups for now. 

Wearing: Shakuhachi Shorts, Uniqlo Silk Shirt, Bite Beauty 'Cin Cin' Lipstick


CIRCA 1993

A flatlay of a different kind coming at you today.

I've spent the last two weeks with my head firmly buried in endless law textbooks, where it looks like it will remain until after my November exams. Hence, I was in desperate need of some form of a creative outlet yesterday, which resulted in breaking all kinds of flatlay rules and incorporating some curves into my latest, ahem, masterpiece.

Very exciting things going down in my life currently, as you can tell.

Curved flatlays aside, I've been surviving this exam season with many cups of fresh mint tea, having Flight Facilities' new album on repeat, and a few beautiful new scents. I've always firmly stuck to natural soy wax candles, however, have lamented how it is difficult to source them outside of the occasional market stall. Circa Homes is a relatively new brand I've come across who use a natural soy  wax base and also lead-free wicks, which ticks all my slightly obsessive toxin-free requirements. They're also themed around the nostalgic scents of respective years, which I think is adorable (naturally I went for my own birth year first!). They're keeping me rather calm, relaxed and in-the-zone while I attempt to cram 500 pages of notes into my brain, which is always positive.

Circa Homes 1993 Classic Candle and 1975 Diffuser, House of Harlow Sunburst Necklace, Balenciaga Rosa Botanica rollerball, Marc Jacobs Daisy, YSL Maxcara, Assorted nailpolish from Luxe, Butter London, Chanel and Illamasqua. 



Potentially the funniest notepad of my life, brought back home for me from Paris by my brilliant parents. Please excuse the cheeky French.

Calligraphuck notepad, nail polishes from Kure Bazaar (post on these coming soon!), T2 'Sydney Breakfast' tea.