The result of a few spare hours on a wednesday - diagonal flatly fun.

Pictured: Grown Alchemist hand cream and conditioner, YSL mascara, assorted rings by Tiffany & co, Karen Walker and Elvis et Moi, T2 teacup (similar), Balenciaga Rosabotanica rollerballMarie Stella Maris body oil in no. 72, Muse Perfumery candle, T2 Lemongrass & ginger tea, Penguin Classics 'The Getting of Wisdom', K is for Kani floral crown (similar), Chanel Le Vernis nail colour in Ming and Blue Satin, Butter London Hardwear Topcoat,  Land by Land travel candle in Peony, Illamasqua nail varnish in Muse, Cameo and Monogamous, Nautica watch (similar), Prada saffiano wallet, Bare Minerals blush, Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume, Chanel Rouge Coco lip colour in Le Baiser, Bite Beauty luminous creme lipstick in Cin Cin, handmade pony hair cross-body bag from Amsterdam, The Collective Hub Magazine. 



Put your coffee in the air like you just don't care. 

Ah, the plight of #fashionbloggers. I probably reached an all-time low last week after Ben and I picked up some coffees from the beach near our house. I've been rather obsessed by these anchor-printed takeaway cups, and spent approximately ten minutes attempting to take a decent photo to adequately convey their cuteness. The cup went up in the air, down on the ground, held over the sea, next to the white railing, on the railing, up, down, up, down with every combination of beach background and photo composition you could imagine. 

It was probably not the most effective use of time, considering that after all the fuss, my $4 coffee was lukewarm at best. Lest to say, I won't be doing that again. #fashionbloggers, save yourselves (and coffee heat) and learn from my mistakes. One photo, then enjoy your overpriced coffee in peace.

Moving on to a more constructive discussion - I'm really enjoying this white shirt at the moment. I picked it up in Tokyo a few years ago from Japanese company Muji for a ridiculously small price, and haven't had to buy another white shirt since. However, in rather exciting and breaking news, I've recently landed myself a fashion internship that I'm incredibly excited about. It may just be time to upgrade and expand my white shirt collection to a silk variation too. More news on this development coming soon!

Wearing: Muji shirt, Arrabella Ramsay skirt, Marc Jacobs mouse ballet flats, Prada saffiano leather bag. 



Pretty enough packaging to rival Aesop - plus it's all natural? Give me, now.

When I first started becoming interested in natural skincare, there really weren't too many options on the market. Plus, the packaging was almost always some variant on recycled brown paper with a hemp leaf stamped on it. It wasn't really my style, and definitely wasn't something you'd proudly display on your bathroom counter. Thankfully, over the last year the natural-skincare market has boomed, and I've been slightly giddy at the prospect of so many new, beautiful companies to try. 

So, here's the first - Australian company Grown Alchemist. Just have a read of their description on their website: 


If that doesn't sound absolutely perfect to you, then I'll eat my hat. I'm currently using their Hydramist + in Desert Lime and the Intensive Hand Cream in Persian Rose and Argan Extract, I'm finding the Hydramist perfect to use in the morning, in between cleansing and moisturising. Because I have quite dry skin it provides the perfect amount of 'extra' hydration, without leaving my face feeling shiny or weighed-down. I'm rather attached to using rose hip oil in the same way before I go to bed, although it leaves my face rather oily (duh) so it's been nice to find a morning alternative. I'm also smitten with their Hand Cream, possibly because the packaging is just so damn pretty. Packaging aside, it also smells like heaven, and leaves my hands feeling suitably loved throughout the day. 

Are there any other Grown Alchemist users out there? What are your thoughts on their products? 



Boring basics? Blasphemy.

There's always such a hype around our supposed need for a solid wardrobe foundation of good quality basics, however, it's a term I often shy from. For whatever reason, 'basics' is somewhat synonymous with 'boring' in my dictionary. Don't get me wrong, I'm not denying the comfort that can be found in perfectly executed minimalistic pieces, but the prospect of a wardrobe filled of them makes me a little nervous about my levels of creativity. However, over the past week I've been somewhat hypocritically wearing this striped tee (quite possibly the most quintessential of 'basic' pieces) with most outfits. Pink, a-line leather skirt? A striped tee will turn it into a fresh take on 60s mod. Blue & white striped shorts? Say hello to the perfect stripes-on-stripes clash. High-waisted jeans, pink flats and Chanel lipstick? You'll look positively Audrey Tatou, darling.  Or, you know, as Audrey Tatou as you can look whilst in Australia, on a beach, and distinctively not French. 

C'est la vie. 

The lesson learnt from my hypocritical dressing this week is that although an outfit may contain an undeniably 'basic' piece, the overall look doesn't have to be boring. Instead, the beauty is in combining basic pieces in an interesting, or even unexpected, way. 

Stay tuned, I hope to be testing out this theory a little more over the coming month. 

Wearing: H&M striped tee, Sass & Bide jeans (similar), Repetto flats, Prada bag, Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in Le Baiser. 

Photos by Ben.



For a good part of 2013, the majority of the fashion world seemed consumed in an ongoing debate over whose flower-crown was bigger than whose. 

Call it a divergence from small-man syndrome, the flower crown seemed to symbolise one's fashion-prowress in a single accessory. Never mind if you were wearing a hessian-sack, if a large enough flower crown was perched upon your head, all would be forgiven.

Thankfully we've since moved past such flower-crown antics, and I personally think it's now time to re-introduce them back into our fashion-diets, slowly and with great deal self-control. After all, we all did spend a ludicrous amount of money acquiring a collection which would see us through enough festivals for the next 10 years, it seems somewhat pointless for them to sit gathering dust. Hence this little blue number - which I picked up from Rozelle markets (along with 10 others) for $2. I also have two larger versions from Sydney label K is for Kani (who also writes a gorgeous blog), and I'm somewhat relishing the opportunity to wear them out to coffee with hopefully a great deal of aplomb over the coming month. 

Now, let's remember to not become all caught up on size issues again ladies.

Wearing: flower-headband from Rozelle markets (similar), Muji coat (similar), May the Label dress (similar), Repetto flats

Photos by Ben.



At the risk of appearing like every other #fashionblogger, here's yet another photo of flowers, stripes and stacked rings. 

Although I usually attempt to stay outside of the #blogger box, it looks like I've fallen right down into it for this post. However, how could I resist? I've been lusting after delicate stacked rings for almost a year now (who hasn't), and thankfully these silver variations from Trendy Creature convinced me to finally give in to the trend. Since their arrival they've barely left my fingers, and I'm thoroughly enjoying all the infinite stacking possibilities. Particularly as my general lack of ring-wearing (save for a few special presents) makes this set all the more new and exciting!

Wearing: assorted rings from Trendy Creatures, H&M men's tee, Nana Judy 'mean' jeans



'One can never have too many metallic, leather pouches'. Unfortunately, one can - that 'one' specifically being me. 

A large wardrobe cull a few weeks ago lead me to come face-to-face with my pouch issue - although I love collecting them (don't get me started on the monogrammed Mode Collective varieties), I ultimately find them completely impractical. I am not inclined to organise small items into colour-coded pouches in my handbag, and my inability to keep track of anything not permanently attached to my body renders them useless for a night out. Plus, I am far more likely to injure someone on the dance floor when I'm essentially armed a small weapon, loaded with the weight of lipsticks and house keys, ready to knock unassuming fellow dancers over the head. Successfully fist pumping to Taylor Swift whilst clutching a gold Marc Jacobs pouch the size of my head? Impossible. 

As such, there will be no more purchasing of pouches by me in the future, so enjoy these metallic varieties while you can. Unless, miraculously, I defy all logic and become an organised / coordinated / functioning human being. Which is highly unlikely, so let's just stick with the pouch-purchasing-ban for now. 

Assorted pouches by Marc Jacobs, Zucca, and Tracey Tanner



Animal motifs aren't normally my thing - nor is green, come to think of it. In which case, shouldn't I hate this jumper? 

However, in typical fashion, I'm going to confuse everyone by declaring that this jumper is somehow exempt from my hatred of green and animal motifs on clothing. Not surprisingly, I'm discovering that deep, forest-greens are actually rather flattering on me. I say 'not surprisingly' as my brown hair and pale skin makes for a rather obvious match with green - yet it's something I've neglected to realise largely up until this point. Colour preferences aside, this jumper has been worn non-stop for the last week, as it's perfect for cold days at uni when I can barely manage to get out of my warm bed, let alone dress myself creatively. Thankfully, the cat-shaped elbow patches, and this jumper's ability to fold itself so perfectly when tucked into the front of jeans, means it's hopefully a little more exciting than your average oversized jumper. It also combines perfectly with these Shakuhachi leather shorts I picked up at their Sydney warehouse sale last year for $40 ($40!!!!). To this day I'm still kicking myself that I didn't also purchase the matching leather jacket, which was a similarly ludicrously low price. Just think of all the perfect matching two-piece outfits I could have created with it! 

Wearing: Tsumori Chisato jumper (similar), Shakuhachi shorts, Gorman loafers. 



It's not often that I would wear heels out to breakfast. 

Given Sydney's generally relaxed Saturday morning breakfast culture, it is slightly unusual to clomp along to your favourite cafe wearing platform wedges at 10:00 in the morning. However, last weekends combination of friday night drinks, sleeping at Ben's, my lack of 'morning-after' outfit organisation, and the looming deadline of the breakfast menu ending in an hour resulted in me doing just that. 

But hey, everybody loves a bit of outfit peculiarity once in a while. 

Besides, this combination of stockings & wedge-heels is a current favourite. Even though the fact that I'm proudly revealing stocking-clad toes does make me feel like I'm breaking some kind of fundamental fashion no-no. The grey stockings are a very refreshing change from the standard black, and these heels recently made a return to prominence out of the depths of my wardrobe. After spending 6 months abroad without a single high-heeled shoe in sight (it was snowing, then there was the whole 23kg baggage restriction thing - no judgement) my feet are not up to their usual standards of heel height. So,  these ridiculously comfortable wedges feel like a small miracle, and as a result have been receiving quite a work out over the last few weeks. 

Perhaps the next time Saturday rolls around I'll be able to organise myself enough to at least have an alternative shoe-option planned. However, as I don't hold much faith in my organisational skills, it's probably better to say that Sydney-siders, be on the look out for a ridiculously overdressed girl at Saturday breakfast.

Wearing: Aqua by Bloomingdales pleated skirt, See U Soon long-sleeve top, Gorman wedges. 

Photos by Ben 



I've been back in Sydney for just over a week and, although I'm incredibly excited to be home, if I'm honest I'm already day dreaming of my next island escape (Greece, perhaps?). Which resulted in me suddenly remembering, on the way to my first lecture of the semester this morning, that I had a whole set of photos from my last trip that I'd forgotten to share! These pictures are from the tiny croatian island Hvar, which Ben snapped for me one night while we were heading out for drinks. This leopard print dress was the only 'going-out' dress I bought with me for my entire 2.5 months abroad. Although that may seem like severely slim pickings, in the interest of light packing this dress made perfect sense. I picked it up on sale almost 2 years ago, and it has since been my throw-on-and-go dress. I love it's backless design, and paired with a brightly coloured lipstick I can be ready in five minutes - which is always ideal while travelling! 

Wearing: Bec & Bridge dress (old, similar version here)

Photos by Ben.



These pants may just be the baggiest, ugliest, polyester-rich piece of clothing I’ve ever owned. As Ben and I booked our 3-day trip to Istanbul only 2 days in advance, I had an impossibly small 20 minutes in H&M to find something which would allow me to abide by the level of modesty required in Turkey. Although I would never usually wear elasticised-polyester-gypsy-pants, they were a life-saver in the Istanbul heat. Combined with a new scarf purchase from the Spice Markets, I was able to stay relatively cool, whilst meeting no problems when exploring the many mosques scattered throughout Istanbul. The scarf in question is the one I’m wearing here - a cashmere, silk blend which is a beautiful gold, blue and green pattern. Although almost every street vendor is boasting ‘100% cashmere’ scarfs, with a very slim chance of the promise holding true, the one I picked up is beyond-heavenly soft, so I'd like to think there's a high chance its the materials promised! I’m already excited about putting it to use in the looming Australian winter I’m returning home to tomorrow. The pants on the other hand were tossed into a rubbish bin as soon as I entered the Istanbul airport, which gave me a ridiculously large amount of satisfaction.

P.S. how adorable is this little kitten that decided to join in on the fun! 

Wearing: H&M pants, Topshop singlet, Birkenstock Arizona sandals & scarf from the Istanbul Spice Markets

Photos by Ben



I stumbled upon the most beautiful Dutch natural skincare brand whilst in Amsterdam last week. Considering the amount of googling / research / instagram-stalking I do on the topic of natural and organic skincare, it's very exciting when an unheard-of brand happens to have a store right around the corner from our apartment. The brand in question is Marie Stella Maris - originally a water company, who began a range of skincare in 2011. They also donate part of their profits to clean water programs (an aspect I particularly like about the brand). Their range is produced in four different 'scents', my favourite being their rose variation. Although I'm always attracted to rose (Laduree rose macaroons, anyone?), I often find rose-scented skincare products a little 'grandma-esque'. However, the Marie Stella Maris version is surprisingly woodier and deeper. It's definitely a scent I'd be comfortable having linger about me throughout the day. Although I truly wanted to purchase the entire store, I restricted myself to a bottle of their body oil in Rose Promesse, which also came with a glass dropper attachment (a picture can be found on my Instagram here). As this was my first foray into a proper body oil (as oppose to an $8 jar of coconut oil) I was rather excited to try the Marie Stella Maris version, although I was hesitant it would not be worth the extra expense. I found the Rose Promesse body oil was both highly moisturising, and absorbed into my skin without leaving me feeling greasy. It's rose scent also stayed for the remainder of the day, which was much more pleasant than it's coconut counterpart. Suffice to say, this is my version of happiness in body-oil form.

It's just such an incredible shame I later discovered that Marie Stella Maris does not ship to Australia!

Marie Stella Maris Body Oil in Rose Promesse. 

Photos by me.



One thing I've definitely realised on this trip is my absolute love of Paris - cumulating in visiting the city twice within a month (and perhaps one last sneaky visit before my flight back to Australia in 19 days time). Hence this new little acquisition, a grey tee from French brand Kulte. I'm still a little confused as to what's actually happening on the front (is that a mouth?) but I feel it quite perfectly sums up my current sentiments towards the city. 

In all honesty it probably wasn't the ideal top to be wearing whilst exploring the rainy town of Bruges, Belgium yesterday - but sometimes a little bit of city-confusion can't be avoided. 

Wearing: Tee by Kulte, Rag & Bone jeans, Birkenstock Arizonas.



This little Lover leather number has quite a story behind it. Sometime around February of this year, I was sitting in a seemingly endless Biology lecture (the worst) engaged in a frantic whatsapp conversation with my mum. The franticness of the conversation was due to the fact that my mum happened to be at the annual Lover the Label warehouse sale in Sydney at the time.  Pictures of pleated skirts, mesh-detailed dresses and leather tees were flashing on my phone, followed by a short message containing information along the lines of 'leather a-line skirt, $100, size 8???'. Needless to say, the Lover items were catching my attention a significant amount more than my American Biology lecturer, drawling on about the benefits of GMO, or something as equally unexciting. Although I happened to be sitting in -10 degree New Jersey at the time, I managed to come away from the sale with two new leather pieces that are perfect for summer. 

Clearly, my Mum just happens to be the best mother / shopping-assistant ever. 

So, here's the first from my new Lover leather collection - an A-line skirt in light pink, butter-soft leather, which was perfect for a dinner out in the winding backstreets of Split, Croatia's old-town. Although it's slightly too long for my liking at the moment (I plan on taking it up by an inch when I arrive back home), I love the idea of a lighter-coloured alternative to the standard black leather skirt. Lover can do no wrong in my eyes, and owning a piece of theirs in leather (at 70% off) is a dream.



If I'm perfectly honest, one of the things I enjoyed most about Budapest was that anything and everything was painted yellow. It seemed as though nothing could escape the reach of the exact same shade of sunshine-yellow paint. Naturally, I thought this was absolutely amazing - which resulted in Ben listening to an almost constant stream of complaint over Sydney's general lack of pastel-hued buildings. 

This particular yellow building was SzĂ©chenyi - one of the many traditional Turkish bath-houses in Budapest, which were perfect for escaping the city's heat. Said heat has also left me resorting to my Birkenstocks at an increasingly alarming rate, and exposing more and more of my midriff by knotting my tops at the front (this post in Paris marked the start of the knotted-top habit). I think the freezing cold temperatures in America may have zapped all of the Australian heat-resistance out of me, as a mere 30 degrees seems overwhelming at the moment. It's definitely something I'll have to sort out before my next Australian summer.

Wearing: Asos cami, Aqua by Bloomingdales skirt, Birkenstock Arizona's, thrifted sunglasses (similar).